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Ukufunda Virtual School

On 12 September 2014, Mxit Reach and its partners, the Department of Basic Educa

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Ibali Lami presentation

Key Findings: Ibali Lami National Writing Competition by Mxit Reach from Mar

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What are the biggest problems in South African Schools?

5785 respondents were interviewed by Pondering Panda over the Mxit Platform

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“It takes time, but talking helps. This support group (RED) helps by having access and talking to others who are HIV+.”

Anonamous User June 2012

“Thank u guys (Edge Campus) for this wonderful experience. I've gained a lot since I started playing your maths games and now I’m the most outstanding learner in my class in maths”


U’ve been a great hlp, THNX. (F) It always feels better talking 2 sum1”